I was first introduced to photography through my father, who was a practicing art photographer for much of my youth. Fascinated by the magic of the printing process, I was compelled by the photo as a medium for the imagination and its capacity to incite reverence through an ethereal depiction of the ordinary. I was also drawn to the nostalgia induced by family albums and other photographic keepsakes. Photos are fragments of our life stories; they possess the power to transform a moment into an object through which we share memories.

While I have explored commercial and art photo techniques, my work is primarily documentary and spontaneous. I use both analog and digital formats with a preference for natural light. While landscapes, people and animals are often the subjects of my work, I enjoy exploring new aesthetic representations of these themes. Most recently I have been experimenting with camera applications in locative media. The on-the-fly sensibility of locative media augments my ability to react organically to inspiring contexts through my photos.

Photography is my artistic practice and a way of life. The camera has become an integrated aspect of my vision; the lens acts as a third eye. Through my photographs, I hope to communicate the essence or spirit of my subjects to the viewer. When I present my photographs, I am also sharing a personal narrative of my lived experience.